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EMP Protection-Understanding the Faraday Bags and the Faraday Cages

Out in the market, you will come across sorts and sorts of products, all of which will claim to offer the best EMP protection. And talking of these products the market has to offer, two of the most popular are the

Faraday bags and the Faraday cages.

To the uninitiated, the two may be confusing and telling which of them would be better can be a difficult task anyway. But all said and done, both of these, the Faraday bags and the Faraday cages can all offer you the same level of protection to your electronics, for as long as they have been made to meet the same standards in quality and specifications. However, some experts believe that the Faraday bags are better than the Faraday cages and there are valid reasons supporting this supposition anyway. Precisely, the Faraday bags are seen to be better than the Faraday cages for the fact that they are more compact, getting you a better option and at half the price of a Faraday cage.

Read on in this post and learn more on the basics of the Faraday bags and the Faraday cages. Further you will get to learn more on the pros and cons of each and see why the Faraday bags are actually billed as a superior alternative to the Faraday cages. Visit for more info.

So what is a Faraday cage? Generally a Faraday cage is an enclosure that serves the purpose of blocking electromagnetic fields and these are even including those that come from an EMP attack. They may come as solid coverings or even as meshes. By and large, a Faraday cage can protect all kinds of electronic equipment from EMP damage including the risk of radio interference and the common cyber attacks. They as well can be used to protect people from things like lightning attacks or strikes. This is looking at the fact that the exterior of the cage happens to be good at conducting all of the electrical current. There are instances where you may find an entire room or building is made into a Faraday cage. This is so common in government buildings and military facilities where the protection of classified information and sensitive technologies is very important. Click here to know about the emp attack protection.

The Faraday bags on the other hand are equally based on the same technology behind the Faraday cages. Only that the Faraday bags are modern and as a result of this, you will find them a bit more updated. Find more info here :

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